Every shop owner/manager is constantly trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of their shop, but it cannot come at the sacrifice of safety. The priority is to ensure the employees go home in the same way they came, so when it comes to safety, nothing is a good thing. Safety is when nothing happens. No incidents, no injuries, no close calls, nothing. Every shop has their own unique rules and guidelines, however, some rules are transcendent and should be applied anywhere there is a vehicle lift in use. We have put together a list highlighting the top tips in lift safety. Follow these and your shop could be on its way to nothing, but in a good way.

1. Buy ALI’s online Lifting It Right online course or have a member of the CJM team come in and do training!

2. Train every technician on the proper operation of all the lifts in your facility.

3. Perform daily safety inspections before using any lift.

4. Have your lifts inspected annually by an ALI Certified Lift Inspection Company like CJM.

5. When buying a new lift, always look for the gold ALI lift certification label. It’s proof that the lift has been independently tested and ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.

6. Make sure that all lift’s locks are engaged before starting vehicle service.

7. Always match the vehicle and job to be performed with the appropriate lift. Contact CJM for a Lift Application Guide to get started.

8. Use jack stands when removing heavy components. Removing heavy parts can cause the vehicle’s center of gravity to shift and may make it unstable.

9. Use a wheel lift to prevent back strain when removing and installing heavy wheels.

10. Insist on OEM replacement parts when maintaining your lift.

Obviously, there are more than just these 10 rules that need to be followed in order to maintain a safe shop, but these definitely need to be incorporated if they are not already. If you are considering buying a lift, and want to know what lift can raise your vehicles safely and correctly, please contact Chris or Colm at 614-861-2390.