A Special Message from CJM


On behalf of everyone at CJM, we are very excited to announce that we are moving to a new location! This exciting new phase of our business is a result of our team’s loyal dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience and our passion for bringing our customers full-service solutions.

Our new location at will help us more effectively meet our customers’ expanding needs and allow us to continue being a one-stop solution for all automotive equipment needs. Furthermore, we recognized that our customers required faster service than we were capable of providing. Our new building will allow us to add more technicians that will in-turn improve our response times, have more space that will allow us to grow our in-house repair services, have great freeway access and will provide storage solutions for customers that are involved in large, growth projects.

Our growth is a result of our transformation from a lift company to a one-stop shop for all vehicle service garages. We’ve added product lines, project services and in-house repair services so that we can meet each and every need of our customers. We also have to thank our outstanding team for our growth as a company. Their hard work and dedication have made this move possible and I’m sure they’re as excited for the additional space as we are!

Feel free to come visit our new building at

5515 Chantry Drive,
Columbus OH 43232

(Same phone number 614-861-2390)

Special Moving Day Offer!

In celebration of our exciting move to a new building, we’re offering a great package deal on two of our products. For a limited time we are packaging an M914 Tire Changer and an M3200 Wheel Balancer together for only $6,770! If you’re a shop looking to add wheel service you need BOTH pieces of equipment to be effective and profitable so why not take advantage of this offer? Plus, we’ll throw in a $350 VISA gift card so we don’t have to move our inventory!

If you’re only interested in one of the items, we have great individual deals as well.

The M914 Tire Changer comes with FREE Helper Arm and the M3200 Wheel Balancer comes with a FREE Truck Cone Kit.

Contact us today to choose from one of these three amazing deals!


Pick a Pair or Individual Specials. 3 Great Offers!

Pick a Pair or Individual Specials. 3 Great Offers! 

M-914 Tire Changer

Features vertical swing arm column doubling as the surge tank – saves floor space and allows for flush-to-wall installation.

  • Bi-directional electric turntable 4 self-centering clamps with built-in High Pressure inflation jets for quick and easy tire inflation
  • 10″ – 24″ clamping
  • Side mounted bead breaker with plastic slide-over protector
  • Download a PDF of product information

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M-3200-2D Wheel Balancer

Two (2) parameter data entry – as simple as touching inside arm to wheel flange – distance out and rim diameter are entered automatically.

Software includes:

  • Five (5) ALU programs for Tape or Clip weight application
  • Program to accept weights at 12-, 3- or 6:00- depending on preferred application location
  • Reduced cabinet size minimizes required floor footprint
  • Standard equipment includes 40mm shaft, four cone mounting system, wheel safety hood, quick nut, captured back spring
  • Side cabinet with adaptor storage pegs
  • Download a PDF of product information

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