Colm O’Driscoll
Colm O’DriscollCo-Owner

Colm was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where he grew up playing Gaelic Football, Hurling, Football (the real kind, aka Soccer), and his favorite sport Golf. While Colm would say that he was born to golf, he knew early on that he’d better get good grades in school because he most likely would be forced to work – and not as a professional athlete. He qualified to study engineering and graduated with a B.S. in Production Engineering from Trinity College/Dublin Institute of Technology. A few years later he received his M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Cranfield Institute of Technology in England.

Colm’s work first brought him to the U.S. in the 1980’s and he eventually moved here permanently in early 1990. He worked in quality manufacturing and plant operations for several companies in the Columbus area until purchasing C&J Maintenance with Kirsten in 2007. He always had a desire to have his own business, but it took a couple of years to find the right one. Colm has two active daughters and has spent 20 years as an involved dad coaching kid soccer or just cheering from the bleachers. He loves sports and thinks DVR may be the best invention ever! You can catch him watching golf, Formula One racing, and the English Premier League at the same time that he is reading the Irish Independent on his iPad. His parents and siblings are still in Ireland and he travels as often as he can to visit and play some golf.

Kirsten O’Driscoll
Kirsten O’DriscollCo-Owner

Kirsten considers herself a native Buckeye even though the she moved around for her dad’s Air Force career when she was younger. Her family eventually settled on the east side of Columbus where she graduated high school and then went on to attend The Ohio State University. Working as a lifeguard while in college, she suddenly decided one day that she needed to do something more meaningful with her life. She got up, called her dad and told him she wanted to join the Air National Guard. She met with a recruiter the next day, signed up, went to Basic Training 6 weeks later, and retired after 22-1/2 years at the 121st Medical Group, Rickenbacker ANGB in Columbus. She missed a few quarters of college but eventually graduated with a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences. She spent the next several years working for two large corporations mostly handling departmental administrative functions.

After Kirsten and Colm got married and started a family she left her corporate job so that she could stay home and raise the kids. For many years she built an in-home business as a sales consultant and director for a direct-sales company while also advancing her military career. In 2007 she retired from the ANG and also stepped down from her sales director position so that she could focus on her new business. It was a great decision and she’s never looked back. Kirsten says that she’d like to see some of Colm when they retire so she started golfing again. She’s very glad that the only direction her handicap can go is down!